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Creating your website is like constructing a castle. You want it to be strong and tested; it’s a monument to your greatness, but stocking that castle with thrones and tapestries will take another fortnight. Filling an entire website (plus newsletters? social media?) with professional writing and custom photography (and links,[…]

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Ten percent of all proceeds are donated to charity. In your name. Feel even better about your sizzling new site or compelling content because you just helped some deserving warriors. When our collaboration is finished, I’ll make a donation in your name to The Onny and Oboe Scholarship Fund, which[…]

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I’ve written in just about every medium during my career — news, features, opinion, reviews, magazines, web, marketing, broadcast, stage and screen. (What, no haiku?). I’m a word man. I’m currently writing a book about that time I walked from San Francisco to New Jersey (another story for another day).[…]

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