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Want the words that will save the day?

Is that jargon about “synergy” and “value propositions” clouding your message?

I’m here to help.

If customers aren’t responding to your call, I can clear the air. Maybe you’re an entrepreneur, a small business owner or brand whose message has gotten stale (or worse, boring). Rest easy. Help is just a contact form click away.

You need writing that makes people sit up. You want a message that will keep customers reading, keep them entertained, and keep them wanting to spend time (and money) with you.

I specialize in conversational content with a human touch. Together, we’ll find your voice, and your new favorite people will find you. Crises averted. The town is saved. The cat is down safe after climbing Mrs. Walshlegger’s sycamore tree.

I help readers connect with you in a meaningful way — minus the business-speak and jargon. Let’s get to the heart of your story.

It’s not copy, this is digital storytelling

Is your current message the same old story? It’s time to turn the page

The Internet isn’t static, so why is your messaging? I’ll help you keep things fresh. Your words aren’t marketing copy, they’re your hero’s journey. This is digital storytelling. This is fun stuff!

big crush copy

message repair

inspiration hour

writing coach

Being the genuine article …

… makes people want what you’re offering.

Nobody wants to be sold. Customers want to partner with someone they like, someone they trust. And trust me, reading phrases like “circling back” and “finding low-hanging fruit” is like taking a decorative gourd to the noggin.

I help find your unique voice and make you money just by being yourself.

My roster of clients has included creative groups like the Sundance Film Institute and Authors & Ideas Festival, business leaders such as Arbor Metrics, Strategos Innovation and Minarc Design, startups, nonprofits and performers.

Say what you really want to say better.

Hey, Mikey:

8 + 9 =

It feels like I wrote every single word.

“Mikey has a wicked talent for crafting a narrative that speaks to my customers in a way that they feel like they belong. He takes them on a journey and inspires them to keep coming back. The cherry on top? It feels like I wrote every word. Boom!


Dolphina, author, dancer and founder of GoddessLife