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I write conversational copy with a human touch, copy that connects you with your people. Copy that fills you up with all the new business you’re doing. (Garçon, we have a lot of chedder piling up on Table 3.)

I sweat the small stuff, like really sweat it. I’m a perfectionist. I edit the menu at Chinese restaurants. I backspace for punctuation before I send a text. I count the number of letters in words for no good reason. This literary curse isn’t much fun at parties, but it makes for clean, compelling copy.

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Interview with myself

intro to why interviewing myself … etc

Q: All well and good, Mikey, but I don’t see anything on here about “deliverables” and “ideation solutions”.

A. You won’t, my friend. Because people don’t actually talk like that in the real world, (I assume we’re trying to connect with people in the real world).

The only “bandwidth” we’ll be talking about is your belt buckle needing a new loop after eating up all the new business.

I write conversational content with a human touch. If you enjoy reading about “deliverables” and “robust ideation solutions” in your copy, there are lots of those writers out there, and a lot of writing that sounds the same. It’s like you called the copywriters at the downtown Matrix firm of Mr. Smith Mr. Smith and Mr. Smith.

Don’t say pain points, price point


Let’s face it, the world doesn’t talk that way. So why bore your clients and customers?

Let’s get your readers making informed choices (ie – doing business with you) with an entertaining style of prose. Take it easy, partner. We’re not selling them. We’re introducing them to you, and my, don’t you look fine

Q: Was it Lincoln who said: “You can’t write copy for all the people all the time.”?

A: Something like that. If you could, that would make us all clones, and we’re probably living in a simulation (a discussion for another time)

Q: Are we living in a simulation?

A: If we are, I can help you reach the next level. You’re one of a kind and so is your voice. I’ll help you amplify it

Q: If you’re so creative, why don’t you have things flying around on your website?

A: Oh, you mean distractions? They’re great when you don’t have much to say. Let your story be the star.

Q: Why need better writing? AI is free.

A: hmm, let me see … make more sales, get people to say yes, make more money, attract your ideal clients, stand out from the crowd of robots writers, have a clear brand that matches your personality, leave a lasting impression, be called “the bomb”, help more people, Be more likeable, have your prospects clicking “buy” before they even finish reading, sell your ideas, tell a better, more compelling story, be able to charge more, enjoy more freedom

Q: How would you know a good story?

A: I’ve written hundreds of articles, features, columns, editorials and stories for print, with a mastery of sports, travel, humor, pop culture, history and design, among others. I’ve jumped out of a plane and repelled rock faces for a good story. Even shot skeet. (Pull!). I’ve covered Michael Jackson’s trial, White House ceremonies, been embedded with Washington marchers and won awards for exposing the most dangerous roads.

Q: How can you say what I want to say (but wish I could say it better)? Did you read my journal?

A: I specialize in explaining complicated subjects and distilling the necessary message in an entertaining manner. Help your readers make informed choices, and make it easy. (your story)

Q: What are you, some kind of a comedian?

A: I have a dark sense of humor. While not always appropriate for boardrooms and newsrooms, it emerges in my comedic work. My screenplays are comedies, with a historical bent. At The Santa Monica Daily Press, my favorite issue of the year was our annual

when we served our readers a huge helping of satire, allowing everyone a chance to laugh and let off a little steam.

I studied improv at the famous Upright Citizens Brigade company in Hollywood founded by Amy Poehler and others in 1999. There we learned to think on our feet, to live in the moment and to collaborate with our partners to make a performance truly special. I also write comedy sketches for the ultra-exclusive, sneakily secretive Bohemian Club (shhh, don’t tell anyone).

I’ve studied Screenwriting at UCLA’s renowned School of Theater, Film and Television, writing original screenplays and working with other students, editing their original works.

I realize humor is subjective and not always everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re looking to inject life and laughs into any project, whether it’s your website, your newsletter, your speaking engagement, script or social media, I’d be thrilled to bring the funny, sometimes absurd, but mostly funny.

What help me with?

Who do you think you are?

Why do you think you could write about … you’re not even a real fireman?

Scripts, book, journalism … lotta hats

What, no haiku?

(answer in haiku)

Q: Your writing is too informal. We maintain a level of xxx around here.

A: Maybe that’s why you stopped by. .. taking a fun and imaginative approach to translate complicated topics into damn creative prose.



Media Bio

Mike Tittinger, aka Mikey T., is an author, copywriter, news editor, writing coach and founding member of The Pebble Beach Authors and Ideas Festival.  (What, no haiku?).

He has a knack for producing award-winning copy under intense deadline pressure and taking a fun, creative approach to reaching audiences.

As a creative director, he’s helped brand dozens of businesses, publications and projects. From creative brainstorming to mission statements to designing logos, he ensures moneymaking ventures keep their message simple and memorable.

His clients include: Strategos Innovation, The Sundance Film Festival, GoddessLife, Minarc Design and Bohemian Club.

He is former editor of The Santa Monica Daily Press and Metro newspapers.

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