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So, here’s the story …

I’m Mikey. I write conversational copy with a human touch (or, the way people actually talk)


Digital storytelling that connects you with your people. Copy that fills you up with extra helpings of new business. (Garçon, we got a lot of cheddar piling up on Table 3.)

I sweat the small stuff, like really, really sweat it. I edit the menu at Chinese restaurants. I backspace for punctuation before I send a text. I count the number of letters in words for no good reason. (An actual condition called “arithmomania”.) This literary curse isn’t fun at parties, but it makes for entertaining copy.

What I’d be asking if I were you

(and other FAQs)

Writing about yourself isn’t easy. Case in point, the dreaded About page. It feels like showboating. It sounds like preening and overweening. Like your tooting your own horn. But here’s the key: Just tell your story in an engaging way. Your clients are just like friends (only with money to give you).


Q: ‘Big Crush’? What’s that about?

A: It’s fun to say, for one. But the word crush can mean many things: You’re succeeding maximally, crushing it with the work you’re doing. A crush of deliciousness. And, my favorite, having a crush on the ones you fancy. It’s a helpful way to envision your customers and clients.

Q: You’re right. Big Crush is fun to say. I’d like my own messaging to be more friendly and approachable, more “let’s make a deal before we hit the karaoke bar.” Where do we start?

A: You need words? We got words.

  • Copywriting
  • Message Restoration
  • Inspiration Hour (brainstorming)
  • Writing Coach

Q: All well and good, Mikey, but I don’t see anything on here about “deliverables” and “ideation solutions”.

A. You won’t, my friend. Because people don’t actually speak like that in the real world (I assume we’re trying to connect with people in the real world).

The only “bandwidth” we’ll be discussing is letting out your belt after eating up all that bread ($$$).

I write copy for people, not buttoned-up boardrooms. If you enjoy reading about “paradigm shifts”, “pain points” and “robust ideation”, there are lots of those writers out there (and lots of sites that sound the same). It’s as if they called the agency of Smith,  Smith and Smith.

Let’s face it, the world doesn’t talk that way. So why bore your clients and customers? People want to know you, and you are enough.

Q: Didn’t Lincoln say: “You can’t write copy for all the people all the time.”?

A: Abe was onto something. If you could please all the people, what would that make us? Clones, that’s what. And that would mean we’re probably living in a simulation.

Q: Are we living in a simulation?

A: If we are, I can help you level up. You’re one of a kind and so is your voice. Let’s turn the volume to 11.

Q: If you’re so creative, why don’t you have stuff flying around on your website? Where are the pop-up things I can’t seem to close?

A: Oh, you mean distractions? They’re great when you don’t have much to say. With Big Crush, you have great things to say. Your story is what pops!

 Q: Why do I need better writing again? A.I. is free, dude.

A: To stand apart from all of the cold, impersonal robot writers for one. Here’s a few more reasons: To attract your ideal customers, to make more sales (ka-ching), to trade on your ideas, to share what makes you YOU, to be able to charge more, to have a unique brand worthy of a unicorn, to make an amazing impression, to leave a lasting impression, to help more customers, to have potential buyers checking out your site for fun (Hello, you), to be more popular, to gain more freedom in your life and to get people with wads of cash in their hands to say “Yes”.

Q: How would you know a good story?

A: I’ve written hundreds of news articles, features, columns, editorials and stories over the past two decades. Stories with a mastery of humor, pop culture, sports, travel, history and the arts, among others. I’ve jumped out of a plane, repelled rock faces and shot skeet (Pull!) for a good story. I’ve covered celebrity trials, White House events, been embedded with marchers and won investigative journalism awards for exposing threats to our health and safety. I’m also an author and screenwriter.

Q: How can you say what I want to say (but say it better)? Did you read my journal?

A: I specialize in distilling complicated topics and crafting a simple message. In newspapers, we call it the “nut graph”. So let’s get to the nut of what you’re trying to say, and say it in an engaging manner. I help your readers make informed choices, and those choices are to partner with you.

Q: Are you some kind of a comedian?

A: Yes, and … (A little inside joke for my Improv friends). Obviously, there’s a time and place for humor. But at the end of the day, wouldn’t you rather do business with someone that makes you smile?

Q: Why do you think you could write about my business? You’re not even a real fireman.

A: From the newsroom to ad agencies to Hollywood writers rooms, I’ve worn a lot of helmets in the word game. But the reason I can write about your business is YOU. It’s your voice that I’m molding into a digital bestseller. It’s your message … in turbo mode.

Q: Your writing is too informal. We maintain a level of professionalism and modest decorum around here.

A: Maybe that’s why you stopped by. There’s nothing unprofessional about talking simply and being authentic. Taking a fun and imaginative approach to deliver a focused message is the kind of decorum I dig.

Q: What do you think of this Q&A format, being that I’m you and you’re me?

A: Very meta.


About Mikey T


Mike Tittinger (aka Mikey T) is an author, copywriter, news editor, writing coach and founding member of The Pebble Beach Authors & Ideas Festival.

He has a knack for producing award-winning copy that takes a fun and creative approach to reaching audiences.

In 2011, he established The Onny and Oboe Scholarship Fund and walked across America in support of heart patients, garnering international coverage.

He’s helped brand dozens of businesses, publications, startups and projects. From brainstorming to mission statements to logo design, he ensures moneymaking ventures keep their message simple and memorable.

His clients include: Strategos Innovation, The Sundance Film Festival, Arbor Metrics, GoddessLife, Minarc Design and Bohemian Club.

He is former editor of The Santa Monica Daily Press and Metro Philadelphia.

(In Short:) Mike Tittinger, founder of Big Crush Copy, is an ace copywriter and editing whiz, who helps brands and entrepreneurs share their own hero’s journey to win over lifelong clients.

Handles it all

“Mikey excels in writing and client satisfaction. He delivers creative pieces on time, every time. Big Crush is invaluable to my business.”

Jen Lydon

Metro newspapers

I’ve got a crush

“On my new website. Mikey turned my scattered thoughts into copy that perfectly aligns with my community. A wicked talent for crafting narrative.”


Author and founder of Goddesslife

Keeps things fun

“Mikey’s words read the way we talk to friends — friends that are there for you time and again. The way we should all talk to our customers and clients.”

Jim McGillen

Founder, Authors & Ideas Festival